TV broadcasters
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TV broadcasters


Armenia l  NTV Plus
Belarus l  NTV Plus
Cyprus l  TV Lumiere
Georgia l  NTV Plus
Moldova l  NTV Plus
Russia l  NTV Plus
Ukraine l  NTV Plus

Middle East

Bahrain l  Al Jazeera
Iran l  Al Jazeera
Iraq l  Al Jazeera
Jordan l  Al Jazeera
Kuwait l  Al Jazeera
Lebanon l  Al Jazeera
Oman l  Al Jazeera
Qatar l  Al Jazeera
Saudi Arabia l  Al Jazeera
Syria l  Al Jazeera
The Palestinian Territories l  Al Jazeera
UAE l  Al Jazeera
Yemen l  Al Jazeera


Afghanistan l  TEN Sports
Azerbaijan l  NTV Plus
Bangladesh l  TEN Sports
Bhutan l  TEN Sports
Chinese Taipei  l  Videoland
India l  TEN Sports
Japan l  JSports
Kazakhstan l  NTV Plus
Kyrgyzstan l  NTV Plus
Maldives l  TEN Sports
Nepal l  TEN Sports
Pakistan l  TEN Sports
Philippines l  Solar / Basketball TV
Sri Lanka l  TEN Sports
Tajikistan l  NTV Plus
Turkmenistan l  NTV Plus
Uzbekistan l  NTV Plus


Algeria l  Al Jazeera
Chad l  Al Jazeera
Djibouti l Al Jazeera
Egypt l  Al Jazeera
Libya l  Al Jazeera
Mauritania l  Al Jazeera
Morocco l  Al Jazeera
Somalia l  Al Jazeera
Sudan l Al Jazeera
Tunisia l Al Jazeera


Antigua l Fox Sports
Argentina l Direct TV & TyC Sports & Canal 7
Aruba l Fox Sports
Barbados l Fox Sports
Belize l Fox Sports
Bolivia l Direct TV & TyC Sports
Brazil l ESPN Brazil & Sport TV Globo & Esporte Interactivo & Band Sports
Cayman Islands l Fox Sports
Chile l  Direct TV & TyC Sports
Columbia l  Direct TV & TyC Sports
Costa Rica l  Fox Sports
Cuba l Fox Sports
Dominicana l  Fox Sports
Dominican Republic l  Fox Sports & Pio Deportes
Ecuador l Direct TV & TyC Sports
El Salvador l Fox Sports
Grenada l Fox Sports
Guatemala l  Fox Sports
Guyana l Fox Sports
Haiti l Fox Sports
Honduras l Fox Sports
Jamaica l Fox Sports
Mexico l Fox Sports
Montserrat l Fox Sports
Nicaragua l  Fox Sports
Panama l  Fox Sports
Paraguay l Direct TV & TyC Sports
Peru l Direct TV & TyC Sports
Puerto Rico l Canal 6
St. Kitts & Nevis l Fox Sports
St. Lucia l Fox Sports
St. Vincent & the Grenadines l Fox Sports
Surinam l Fox Sports
Trinidad & Tobago l Fox Sports
Uruguay l Direct TV & TyC Sports & Tenfield
USA l ESPN Deportes & ESPN 360
Venezuela l Direct TV & Meridiano

Broadcast partner name TBC: means TV rights sold for that country and only the broadcaster name is to be announced.

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